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Item Code No. 01 : Rosh-Malai

(Its an item of delicacy)


White Rosh-Malai                                              Khirsha Rosh-Malai
Price : Tk.350.00 /Kg                                      Price : Tk.350.00 /Kg

Rosh-Malai is also available in small Cup
Price : Tk.30.00 /Cup
You can place order for Cup Rash-Malai for your Marriage event or any
 other party consumption.We will supply through our own transport.

Item Code No.-02 : Doi (Curd)

(Produced from Khirsha Milk)

Package : 1 Kg Clay Hari(clay pot)
                              Package : 1 Kg Clay Pot
Price : Tk.200.00 /Kg                                      Price : Tk. 200.00 /Kg

2 Kg clay pot
Price : Tk.400.00

Curd is also available in disposable plastic cup
Price : Tk.20.00/Cup

We supply in bulk curd in cup or in clay pot
 to meet your need through own transport

Item Code No -03 : Chamcham

(Authentic Tangail quality)


Brown Chamcham                                                        White Chamcham
Price : Tk.200.00/Kg                                                           Price :Tk.200.00/Kg

One of the delicious sweets, alike Tangail Chamcham Quality

Item Code No -04 : Rosogolla

(Made of 100% pure Chana)


White Rosogolla (in Shira )                                Brown Rosogolla (in Shira)
Price : Tk.180.00 /Kg                                           Price : Tk.180.00 /Kg

Dry white Rosogolla                                                      Dry Brown Rosogolla

Price : Tk.180.00 /Kg                                                    Price : Tk.180.00/Kg

Item Code No -05 : Kalojam

(Made of 100% pure Chana)

Price : Tk. 180.00 /Kg

We manufacture 100% Pure Guaranteed
Gaaoa Ghee
Served in Clay Pot

Price Tk.1200.00 per Kg

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Less Sweet Cup Dohi

Price:per Cup Tk.25.00

 Rosmalai in cup

Price: Per Cup Tk.35.00


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